Our Activities

The objective of MULTIPLY  is to:

• Create a new educational experience that will provide strategies that build on holistic, authentic instructional approaches and that provides a range of techniques for accommodation, adaptation of the curriculum, and utilization of support models for students and teachers.

• Offer this educational experience as a massively open online course, to allow anyone, anywhere in the globe to follow it for free

The MOOC will be an 8-12 week online course aimed at introducing teachers in schools on how to recognize students at risk of exclusion with their classes, how to engage with them within the context of a school’s overall inclusion strategy, and which teaching strategies can be most effective in different contexts to fully include them in classes.

MOOC will be offered at Canvas Platform of Malmo University, and registration will be possible on this page in January 2020.

Expected start date: February 3rd, 2020.