Our Activities

The objective of MULTIPLY is to offer an educational experience that will provide strategies that build on the outcome of the #MultInclude project and that provides a range of techniques for adaptation of the curriculum, and utilization of support models for students and teachers. This educational experience is offered as a massively open online course (MOOC), to allow anyone, anywhere in the globe to follow it for free.

The aim of the course is to assist educational practitioners, and others with an interest in inclusive education, in enhancing inclusion within their institutions overall inclusion strategy, or in working with communities.

The MOOC offers an opportunity to learn more about inclusion through a unique selection of cases from both formal and informal learning environments. The practices shared in the cases will be supported by more theoretical material such as articles and reports. The course content addresses different aspects of inclusion in education such as how to recognize students at risk of exclusion, how to turn diversity into a strength, and which strategies can be most effective in different contexts to include all groups of students.

The MOOC is possible to follow in two different, self-paced, learning paths. The estimated working time is 15 or 55 hours depending on learning path.

The #MultInclude MOOC is offered at Canvas Platform of Malmo University, and registrations opened on February 2020.