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Online Inclusion Matrix was launched on September 21st 2020! To be able to use it, please create an account in #Multinclude Learning Community

The #Multinclude-Inclusion-Matrix tries to provide the insights of Best Practice case examples from #Multinclude Database and make them accessible to schools. The #Multinclude-Inclusion-Matrix is intended for self-evaluation with the purpose of building awareness for a more inclusive school. The intention of the #Multinclude-Inclusion-Matrix is to initiate discussions at the school level to explore different perspectives of inclusive education. It is also a tool for reflecting on one’s own practice and sparking interest in new ways of learning together. The matrix is divided into 7 dimensions that can be worked through independently. However, it is recommended to work through all dimensions in order to get the most thorough view possible.


Impact is concerned with upscaling the ‘good of good practice’. The best practices identified horizontally across our collection of cases, will be distilled into a set of core elements and best practices for inclusion strategies.

An inclusion strategy encompasses all aspects of a school’s activities, including admissions, teaching, assessment, extra-curricular activities, student support, school management, community outreach and more. The strategy determines how each of these activities can take the needs of disadvantaged learners into account, to boost their overall inclusion in education. In each case, there are already numerous best practices globally as to how to successfully plan, build and execute such strategies.

The scoring matrix will distillate this knowledge into a matrix, of core elements and best practices to be included in the strategy, which will allow it to set its inclusion goals, and assess whether it’s strategy is suitable for achieving these. It will also give schools a menu of elements of specific actions which can be included to improve the strategies under different processes, to allow the schools to achieve their inclusion goals.

Over the lifetime of the project, the scoring matrix will be revised multiple times based on the results of several rounds of validation.

The scoring matrix will be tested in thirty schools, all of which will use it to test their inclusion approach, identify weaknesses/lacunae which will be incorporated into new and improved inclusion strategies which will be rolled out across the schools.

The deliverable will consist of a collection of letters of commitment collected from these schools which have embarked on developing new inclusion strategies in reaction to MultInclude activities.”

We hope you will find it useful for your transformative journey! We look forward to your feedback!

In case your school is interested to host an Inclusion Matrix Workshop, get in touch with us!