IMPACT: Activities

#Multinclude IMPACT Output involves the translation of lessons learned from good practice into operationalised policies which can be implemented at school-level. We will do this by creating a SCORING MATRIX FOR INCLUSION STRATEGIES, which will allow schools to evaluate the scope, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of their inclusion strategies and make changes accordingly. The approach will be tested and applied in 30 schools across Europe.

IMPACT objectives are to:

1) Identify barriers and enabling factors to launching inclusion initiatives in Higher Education
2) Isolate factors improving the ability to scale-up ideas
3) Summarise the contributions education and training makes towards promoting inclusion
4) Transmit these messages to policy-makers.

An inclusion strategy encompasses all aspects of a school’s activities, including admissions, teaching, assessment, extra-curricular activities, student support, school management, community outreach and more. The strategy determines how each of these activities can take the needs of disadvantaged learners into account, to boost their overall inclusion in education. In each case, there are already numerous best practices globally as to how to successfully plan, build and execute such strategies.

The scoring matrix will distillate this knowledge into a matrix, of core elements and best practices to be included in the strategy, which will allow it to set its inclusion goals, and assess whether it’s strategy is suitable for achieving these. It will also give schools a menu of elements of specific actions which can be included to improve the strategies under different processes, to allow the schools to achieve their inclusion goals.