INSPIRE: Activities

The evolution from opinion-based policy making to evidence-based policy making requires support from both the public who need to trust the evidence-based approaches, as well as contributions from the expert- community so as to design these contributions. Through this Output we will launch an outreach programme aimed at informing the general public of successful interventions for inclusion, while at the same time reaching out to academics and experts in the field, for the purpose of promoting our work, and have them adopt it and take it further.

The objectives of INSPIRE Output are to:

• Communicate the findings of the project to the public at large, and to education-stakeholders in particular with the aim of:
o inspiring other stakeholders to run their own projects on inclusion, in line with the best practices identified by the project
o showcasing the success of initiatives for inclusion to the public, and highlighting the importance and effectiveness of Education & Training for Inclusion.

In 2020 we will embark on INSPIRE Lecture Tour & Policy Workshops. We will publish the calendar of our activities in January 2020. If you wish to host Multinclude Lecture or a Workshop, get in touch with us!