ESHA, the European School Heads Association, is a professional organization for European School
Heads. Members of ESHA are national organisations for school heads and deputy school heads
within (pre-) primary, secondary and vocational education. Nearly all European countries (both EU
and non-EU) are represented within ESHA by one or more organisations and thus it represents
64.000 school leaders in (pre-) primary, secondary and vocational education.

ESHA is an international community in which experiences, visions and views between members are
exchanged and in which new ideas are born. ESHA connects school leaders, researchers and policy
makers with the collective aim to learn from each other and improve education.

ESHA’s current activities mainly focus on school leadership, school culture, modernisation of
education, key competences, inclusion, multiculturalism, bullying prevention and early intervention
to prevent early school leaving.

Why we are Participating in the Project

ESHA will contribute cases of good/inspiring practice also from countries not present in the consortium and will also participate in their analysis. Using existing communication channels, we will recruit members for the learning community and the MOOC. We will also contribute to the learning community’s resources, organise and chair a webinar, recruit schools for piloting, promote and disseminate project outputs in the ESHA network and to partners.

Our Role in the Project

ESHA will play a major role in the dissemination of the outcomes of the project within their broadly spread network. As a network of 66,000 school leaders they offer the consortium unparalleled access for purposes of upscaling, dissemination and impact on a school and systematic level. Besides that, they are our eyes and ears of what works and what not from the context of schools and schools management. ESHA already works in areas of equity and diversity including around topics of early intervention, learners with special needs and bullying, while also working with schools and school leadership and quality management. This combination makes them the ideal partner with which to implement revised management strategies in schools with a focus on diversity, as well as with which to launch and co-manage the learning community with a focus on long-term sustainability.

Our Team