How inclusive is my school in the daily educational practice?

How much are we concerned about particular groups in and around our school population, which require particular attention – and which measures are appropriate?

As an individual educator, how much am I aware about my teaching practise and the challenges of a diverse and pluralistic society?

The #Mult!include Toolkit  provides support for school teachers and administrators, as well as for individual educators and out-of-school education providers for children and young people.

It helps to get an orientation about their readiness for inclusion and for developing new inclusion strategies.

About the Toolkit

The toolkit includes several  instruments for testing and supporting the development of inclusion strategies. The Inclusion Matrix Questionnaire – available in different languages – includes a whole set of tested items, which allows you to estimate how prepared your teaching facility is for the concerns of diversity and inclusion – and to react on these reflections.

The items are allocated alongside 7 main dimensions – you can either focus on the one which you deem most lacking, which is as good as answering all questions in all dimensions to get a comprehensive overview – visible in your evaluation sheet!

The toolkit also includes the #Multinclude Awareness Workshop Facilitator Kit (workshop modules 1 to 6) which can be used for arousing interest in the topic for a wider range of recipients. It can be used separately and in self working sessions. If possible however, it is suggested to use all modules in a workshop setting.  Further information on every single file can be found in the download section.

(Note: In addition to the paper based version, the Inclusion Matrix will also be available as an interactive online tool mid September 2020)


All files provided for download were designed and tested several times in the course of the  #Mult!include project. The individual files can be used independently of each other. For the best possible overview, we recommend to use the complete toolkit.


  1. #Multinclude Inclusion Matrix Manual
  2. #Multinclude Inclusion Matrix
  3. List of inspiring #Multinclude Cases
  4. The Strategy Development Poster
  5. Becoming an official #Multinclude Partner school