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What is it about?

This Dimension is about the performance feedback of school students but also the emotional aspect of learning. Critical reflection of feedback measures and individual assessments are also part of this dimension. 


Completing this questionnaire will allow you to evaluate to which extent the Assessment and Recognition compliance is attained in your institution.



Explanation of the term personal background: 

In the Questionnaire, you are going to find the term “personal background”. We use this term as a container for individual character, gender, race, religion, socio-economic, migration background, refugee background, allergies and food intolerance, nutritional preferences (vegetarians, vegans …) and age. Every time you read the term, please be aware of all these characteristics.

Please select the options that represent better your current situation
: Yes, if your situation is represented by the question statement No, when such statement does not represent your situation You can also answer N/A if you think that requirement presented in the statement does not apply for your institution

Assessment and Recognition 7th Dimension 9.5
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1. Do you think, that your students feel that they attend a school where it is possible to achieve the best individual performance? *
2. Do you think your school students feel that they are being treated in a fair way? *
3. Are there different ways to show and evaluate the learning progress, which take diverse personalities, interests and skills into account? *
4. Are you aware that school performance is also shaped by different expectations (underestimated and overestimated)? *
5. Are you aware that feedback should also include personal growth and not only the result of the performance? *
6. Are students told honestly what the consequences of assessment can be? *
7. Do teachers take the personal background of each school student in their performance assessment into account when comparing performance? *
8. Is performance assessment mainly based on students’ strengths and possibilities for their development instead of focusing on their weaknesses? *
9. Does performance assessement help making the necessary changes to improve learning? *
10. Are there support systems that assist school students with performance issues? *