Please note that the intention of the score is not to try to assess and rank inclusion strategies by numeric values. It is an estimation which shall stimulate discussions, experience different perspectives of inclusive education and reflect on your own practice based on the presented items.

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Importance of Teaching Dimension

For any school leader the continuous professional development (CPD) of their teachers is always a priority. The CPD offer is always wide and diverse, and you have to help your teachers to improve in areas that are the most important to improve the educational offer of the school. We also know from research done on and with teachers that one of the key factors in teacher retention is adequate support in their classroom work. For this reason, assessing teaching practices is an important diagnostic tool to map CPD and peer support needs.

Support is particularly relevant for those whose initial occupation is not in teaching, for example researchers, practitioners or any other person who becomes an educator. For them it is particularly relevant to be aware of the perception of the learner, to have knowledge about it and use adequate language.

The teaching practices should take into account students’ background  and look for educational resources that respects different cultures and personal abilities, and also the different teaching approach: also teachers are different!