Dimmension Results- Dashboard

Here are the results of all the questionnaires you completed. Click on the each Dimension to see more detailed information.


Please note that the intention of the score is not to try to assess and rank inclusion strategies by numeric values. It is an estimation which shall stimulate discussions, experience different perspectives of inclusive education and reflect on your own practice based on the presented items.

Below the Results Dashboard you can find more information on the  steps you can take to enhance your inclusive readiness.
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            Dimension 4: Management

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              Dimension 5: Teaching

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What to do next?  Enhance your inclusive approaches!

Enhancing inclusive readiness is a specific and unique process and needs to be tailored to particular circumstances and contexts under which individuals and organisations are operating. It is not possible to provide a one-fits-all model of guidelines which fits all contexts and personal expectations. But the findings of the #Multinclude
project can enable key actors to encounter different possibilities and approaches to elevate inclusive readiness. The following list should assist you to explore your own pathway towards a more inclusive approach to education in your organisation. 

The list of Inspiring Cases contains more than 70 successful cases which were collected and analysed in the project. The cases are assigned to the individual dimensions of the matrix and can be used as inspiration for your further ideas.

Design a Strategy Development Poster for the next year – either alone or even better in your team. Think about the area in which you want to improve your inclusion efforts and which steps you want to take. Put up the completed Vision Statement Poster in plain sight for everyone to see!

Be part of the #Multinclude Community. Send us your strategy development poster and become an official #Multinclude Partner School. You will receive the #Multinclude banner for your school homepage showing your commitment to inclusion. With your consent we will also publish your school as an official partner school on our website, if you wish so.

Join the MOOC ! The MOOC offers an opportunity to learn more about inclusion through a unique selection of cases from both formal and informal learning environments. The practices shared in the cases will be supported by more theoretical material such as articles and reports.

The Learning Community is a social network that allows you to connect and search for other inclusion experts and practitioners. Be part of it! 

The #Multinclude Matrix is also available as an Offline Version in five different languages. The Evaluation Sheet provides an overview of the dimensions which we deem essential for  Inclusion Readiness  and is easy-to-use through color coding.

You think inclusion is an important topic and you have friends or colleagues who want to reflect and hear more about it? The #Multinclude Awareness Workshop Facilitator Kit is a perfect instrument for that! It consists of six different modules as well as some basic material  to help you bring inclusion closer to those who are interested.

The Webinar Series provides an exciting insight into the cases handled by the #Multinclude partners.