Half-day workshops for policy-makers were held in the Netherlands, Austria and Italy, hosted by the project partners in each country.

The policy-workshops brought together 10-15 high-level decision-makers on school-policy to:

  • present lessons learned on enabling good practices from WP 2
  • present the lessons learned from scoring inclusion strategies in schools, and make the case for wide-roll out of such a programme
  • inform participants of the MOOC and learning community, and of the possibilities of using them to strengthen their equity/inclusion activities.

Upon completion of policy workshops ECHO drafted #Multinclude policy brief, The document elaborates on the importance of intentional and specific policy in relation to practice. The goal of this policy brief is to illustrate how good practices on the one hand, work on improving inclusion in education (with a focus on superdiverse urban contexts) and on the other hand, on top of existing challenges, prove to be incredibly resilient in facilitating support in times of crisis like
the Covid-19 pandemic.

The central question of this policy brief is:

To what extent can successful programmes like the ones from the #MultInclude database be of added value and complementary to existing policy that lack a specific and intentional focus?

Most of these cases were developed with targeted communities in mind and with the intention to improve educational development and empowerment of students and parents from marginalised and underserved communities.

Policy workshops – national contexts