Paper/Offline Version

The #Multinclude Inclusion Matrix

  • #Multinclude Inclusion Matrix MANUAL

    Before filling out the  #Multinclude Inclusion Matrix, read the corresponding manual. It contains the structure and instructions of the matrix, as well as further steps to make inclusive measures more effective and visible.

  • The Strategy Development Poster

    Design a Strategy Development Poster for the next year – either alone or even better in your team. Think about the area in which you want to improve your inclusion efforts and which steps you want to take. Put up the completed Vision Statement Poster in plain sight for everyone to see!

  • Becoming an official #Multinclude Partner school!

    Be part of the #Multinclude Community. Send us your strategy development poster and become an official #Multinclude Partner School. You will receive the #Multinclude banner for your school homepage showing your commitment to inclusion. Furthermore we will publish your school as an official partner school on our homepage!