#Multinclude Awareness-Workshop Facilitator-Kit Files

You think inclusion is an important topic and you have friends or colleagues who want to learn more about it? The #Mult!include Awareness Workshop Facilitator Kit is a perfect instrument for that! It consists of six different modules as well as a Power Point presentation to help you bring inclusion closer to those who are interested. Each module contains different activities and methods as well as a list of the materials needed. You can modify and combine them according to your individual needs and time constraints.

  • Modul 1: Individual and General Introduction

    Introduce yourself to the group, let the participants introduce themselves and explain the setting of the workshop

    →       Download Module 1 Individual and General Introduction

  • Modul 2: Change your Perspective

    In this game, the participants put themselves in the role of another character through role cards. The game is designed to get participants to reflect on privileges but also prejudices based on diverse backgrounds in the educational system

    →        Download Module 2 Change your perspective

  • Modul 3: World Café

    The four questions of the World Café allow a first insight into the topic and show the different points of view of the participants. Together, the topics diversity and inclusion are reflected in the discussion.

    →        Download Module 3 World Café

  • Modul 4: Principles of Inclusion

    This module gives a brief overview of the different concepts of inclusion and the meaning and distinction between the concepts of equality, equity and justice.

    →        Download Module 4 Principles of Inclusion

  • Modul 5: The #Multinclude Inclusion Matrix Introduction

    Based on the Power Point presentation, the Inclusion Matrix and the way it operates are explained to the participants and the evaluation tool is introduced

    →        Download Module 5 Introduction to the Matrix

  • Modul 6: Vision Brainstorming

    In this module, encourage participants to design their own strategy papers. Help them with your experiences and also refer to the Inclusion Matrix.

    –        Download Module 6 Vision Brainstorming

  • Power Point #Multinclude Workshop

    The Power Point presentation is available to you for communicating the individual modules. In each module you can see which slides of the Power Point presentation are required.

    →        Download Power Point Multinclude Workshop