Please note that the intention of the score is not to try to assess and rank inclusion strategies by numeric values. It is an estimation which shall stimulate discussions, experience different perspectives of inclusive education and reflect on your own practice based on the presented items.

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Importance of Admission and Access Dimension

The first necessary step towards and inclusive school is to actually keep its doors open for all to participate. It is therefore of utmost importance to re-think the accessibility of the school from the moment a family considers sending their children to the school to the actual daily access for those enrolled. Schools need to take government regulations into consideration, but also look into local traditions and make decisions on what needs to be improved, but also on what can be done on the level of the school and what is not possible due to regulations (and how regulations may be balanced by counter measures or procedures introduced by the school).

For non-school education providers, for example in the area of STEAM engagement, where participation in mostly voluntarily and less regulated, it is even more important to ensure that participants reflect the social composition of the surrounding.