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Malta COVID-19 education response

Like many others countries around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic caught the authorities prepared in some areas and totally unprepared in others. Fortunately for Malta the strong ICT infrastructure with 99% coverage of the territory by fixed-line broadband Internet and mobile phone 3G/4G access complete with wireless broadband Internet supported the overnight switch from class-based to 100% […]

Austria COVID-19 education response

Schools have been closed since March 16th and expected to partially open end of May, starting with the graduate classes and the primary schools. School closures were only announced a few days before, so schools had little time to prepare. After school closure, lessons took place in a weakened form and most interaction is shifted […]

Sweden COVID-19 education response

  Universities and Upper Secondary Schools are closed since mid-March, but pre-schools, primary and secondary schools are open. There is no recommendation from the government to close schools but there’s a possibility for a school leader/headmaster to decide to close an individual school. The government has also made changes in the legislation to make it […]

Italy COVID-19 education response

  Italy was the country hit first by the outbreak and the number of cases as well as fatalities have reached alarming levels in February. For formal education there was a series of ordinances and circulars. First they stopped educational trips, then classes were suspended and finally, schools were closed on February 23rd. First they […]