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What is it about? 

This Dimension is about access and participation in education. It also includes removing structural and discriminating obstacles for participation.

Completing the questionnaire will allow you to evaluate to which extent the Admission and Access compliance is attained in your institution.


Explanation of the term personal background:

In the Questionnaire, you are going to find the term “personal background”. We use this term as a container for individual character, gender, race, religion, socio-economic, migration background, refugee background, allergies and food intolerance, nutritional preferences (vegetarians, vegans …) and age. Every time you read the term, please be aware of all these characteristics.

Please select the options that represent better your current situation: Yes, if your situation is represented by the question statement No, when such statement does not represent your situation You can also answer N/A if you think that requirement presented in the statement does not apply for your institution

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1. Is general information about the school and its surroundings accessible and understandable enough for interested people? (e.g.: different/simple languages, Braille, sign language) *
2. Is there a welcome programme for newcomers? (e.g.: school students, teachers, parents) *
3. Are school students, parents, teachers, visitors welcomed in a friendly way at their first contact with school? *
4. Does the welcome programme take differences in the students’ personal backgrounds into account? *
5. Do you think the welcome programme for school students and their families works well? *
6. Are school students whose first language is not the language of instruction encouraged to develop multilingual competences? *
7. Does the staff consider that some school students need specific tools and additional time for practical work? *
8. Are there any programmes which reach out and attempt to reintegrate potential early school leavers? *
9. Are there any particular measures to prevent school students from leaving school early? *
10. Is the school staff aware that they themselves can be either obstacles or role models to participation of school students? *