Situational Role play workshop activity for Teachers

Group activity to help facilitate discussion on challenges and opportunities in involving minority and migrant children

World Cafe workshop activity using images to discuss role of women in the world of work.

Workshop group activity for parents, to discuss perspectives of intervening in conflicts occuring in schools

The Comfort Stretch and Panic Zone Model is simple, easy to use and recognises how can understand oneself or others and why reactions in different situations are so varied.

Workshop activity for groups: changing perspective from teacher to student to parent.

Workshop activity: participants work in groups of 3-4 and build their ideal open school using available materials.

2020 GEM Report on inclusion in education warns that education opportunities continue to be unequally distributed. Barriers to quality education are still too high for too many learners. This Report identifies different forms of exclusion, how they are caused and what we can do about them. As such, it is a call to action we should heed as we seek to pave the way for more resilient and equal societies in the future.A call to collect better data, without which we cannot understand or measure the true scope of the problem. A call to make public policies far more inclusive, based on examples of effective policies currently in force, and by working together to address intersecting disadvantages, just as we saw Ministries and government departments are capable of when addressing Covid-19.